Asset Management Solution

Infrastructure is complex. It must operate reliably without compromising health and safety standards, and comply with industry and environmental regulations. The Asset Performance Management solution allows you to capture and analyze historical and real-time operational and asset data to improve asset performance, reduce costs, and facilitate mission critical decision making in core business operations. With APM, you can develop consistent, optimized inspection and maintenance plans to mitigate operating risks and improve overall reliability, efficiency, and availability.

In your quest for operational excellence, asset performance management (APM) plays an integral role in achieving business goals – ensuring assets deliver value at minimum cost while operating in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. From operational predictive and prescriptive analytics to asset reliability, process safety, and integrity management programs, Bentley’s Asset Performance Management (APM) solution brings operations, engineering, and maintenance together to manage business processes in a structured decision-support environment.

Monitoring physical integrity during operations is of paramount importance to ensure a mechanically safe asset. For a safe, sustainable, and profitable operation, APM lets you proactively monitor and more effectively predict the condition of process-critical equipment, pumps, and piping systems together with other associated asset infrastructure.

The result is a series of solutions that gives your operation unprecedented levels of visibility, safety and reduced risk, allowing you to make informed decisions ahead of time.


Systematically and objectively prioritize assets based on risk. This proven methodology forms the technical basis to assess the potential impact of asset failure aligned with business goals. Assessments can be conducted at the system or failure mode level. Criteria such as safety, environmental integrity, throughput, quality, and more can be used to rank severity of consequences.

Discover patterns in your operational and asset performance data so you can make smarter decisions and act in good time. Model performance based on past and real-time information to determine what could happen in the future, allowing you to act now.

Achieve predictable production by quickly identifying and improving ‘bad actor’ assets. Visualize and analyze production losses due to asset failures; assess the impact and put an action plan in place that focuses on the assets that have the greatest impact on production, which will result in faster improvement to the bottom line.

Reduce risk and ensure assets are safe and reliable with JA-1011 compliant RCM2. RCM2 is the process used to determine what must be done to ensure that a physical asset continues to do what its users want it to do in its present operating context. Use in the design stage for new assets or assets with highly developed maintenance programs, but that still deliver poor performance.

Determine which failures warrant investing resources in RCA (calculated criticality index) then get to the root cause of recurring asset failures using a data-driven, fact-based approach. AssetWise takes you one step further, to proactively determine the root cause of potential failures (what could cause a failure to occur) and take the necessary actions to prevent it.

Speed implementation and improve program consistency and quality by copying entire asset hierarchies and all associated information using the smart copy wizard. Share maintenance programs effectively and efficiently within a plant and across sites. The structures do not need to match exactly as the wizard determines the correct mapping based on rules you set.

Develop a technically validated reliability, integrity, safety, and maintenance body of knowledge. Then execute the program on a daily basis using AssetWise APM Asset Health Monitoring. You will eliminate unexpected downtime and decrease costs, as well as meet safety and operational targets.

Become more agile with AssetWise enterprise integration and minimize the need for customized integrations and accelerate integration projects for faster return on investment. With a connected data environment, you can quickly and easily leverage technologies in one shared space. Connect and combine people, processes, systems, and technologies to ensure that the right people have the right processes, resources, and information at the right time.

Oil and gas producers can save millions of dollars in chemical costs while ensuring asset integrity by using the built-in chemical management analytics in AssetWise. Gain visibility into exactly what chemicals are being used, when, where, and how much to use and become more efficient.

Maintain the mechanical integrity of static piping and pressurized vessels and minimize the risk of loss of containment due to deterioration. Bentley’s risk-based inspection process enabled by AssetWise APM inspection data management system will provide the proof that your assets are safe and reliable.

Prolong the life extension of your assets with AssetWise APM’s structural integrity and corrosion management solutions, which can complement existing inspection techniques to provide greater confidence in integrity and also reduce inspection costs. Reduce risk of structural failure by implementing a program of measures such as structural analysis and risk assessment techniques.

Knowledge need no longer be stored in an individual’s head and lost due to retirement or attrition. AssetWise APM allows you to capture, store, and manage knowledge transfer safely to ensure best practices in maintaining reliability, integrity, and operational programs. This results in a seamless transition with minimum disruption to downtime while maximizing efficiency.

Change the way operations, engineering, and maintenance work together to manage infrastructure and production assets. Model, monitor, and manage asset performance with centralized graphical dashboards, the “new control room,” supporting improved decision making for operational and maintenance excellence.

People, process, and technology: they go hand-in-hand with APM (Asset Performance Management) implementation methodology, making it easy to develop and sustain proactive reliability and integrity management processes across one or multiple sites.

Ensure your operational information is clean and correct by adding calculations around incoming data that check for spurious or suspicious data anomalies. Values can be removed, replaced, or used to trigger an alarm for subsequent action, safeguarding the integrity of the information and the value it will bring to decisions further down the line.

Gain increased insight into complex assets as you build reliability or integrity programs and before you conduct inspections. Not just a picture with labels, i-models within AssetWise APM convey an asset in the context of its engineering information, allowing you to investigate and acknowledge condition inspection alarms directly from the asset’s 2D or 3D information model.

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